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Past and future trends find themselves at home in Madrid’s calendar. Here, you can travel back in time in style. This week we welcome Donovan, who will revive the old spirit of the nineteen sixties close to your Flat Sweet Home Malasaña Apartment. He recalls his legendary album Sunshine Superman on the 50th anniversary of its release. This icon of British psychedelia will transport you to a time when it was possible to change the world with a verse.

Another great plan for the week is finding the seduction in Nik West’s wild bass guitar, an essential instrument in any band. She is on the fast track to stardom, and it is likely that someday a theater such as the Lara will come off short to host her exceptional talent. Her blues and rock will entrance you even on your way back to your Flat Sweet Home Gran Vía Apartment, where you can keep listening to her music with a nice cocktail on your balcony watching the sunset.

If you visit our exclusive Flat Sweet Home apartments with your family, you can’t miss the play Romeo y Julieta de Bolsillo. It tells a universal love story with a minimalist setting for the whole family. Through humor and clown art, and influenced by touring theater, the play flows in a oneiric universe. Love had never been this fun, and you can enjoy it on the stage of the Pavon Kamikaze theater.

There are moments when you feel like having a fright. In that case, we have just what you need in our Madrid calendar to get your dose of terror. A macabre show has arrived at the city to send us to a gloomy mental hospital where anything can happen. Manicomio del Circo de Los Horrores takes us right away to fight against our most ingrained fears with a dose of humor. Who knew being scared could be such a good time?

Fears tend to arise in childhood, a stage of imagination that forges our personalities. Toys and their influence mark our first years. The exhibition about the legendary Barbie by Fundación Canal analyzes the social relevance of the iconic doll during 60 years. More than 400 figures will help you understand what lies behind our traditional child games.

Your Madrid calendar will be incomplete without a classy shopping afternoon. If you want to see the latest trends in Madrid fashion and handicrafts, you must stop by Mercadillo del Gato. This traditional market presents the work by emerging designers who move away from the monochrome trends shown in traditional shops. Also, you can discover it best of gastronomy in Madrid at GastroGato, a foodie market located in the luxurious Hotel Palace that will fulfill your gastronomic dreams. A week of luxury inside a unique side of Madrid awaits you beyond your comfortable and luxurious Flat Sweet Home.

Find out more about the FLAT SWEET HOME MADRID calendar of shows and events

Donovan – March 9 – 22 h – Teatro Lara – calle Corredera baja San Pablo, 15 – €16

Nik West – March 13 – 21.30 – Teatro Lara – calle Corredera baja de San Pablo, 15 – €15

Romeo y Julieta de Bolsillo – March 13 and 14 – 11 h – El Pavon Teatro Kamikaze – Calle Embajadores, 9

Manicomio del circo de los horrores – until April 2- Thursday: 20.30 h / Friday and Saturday: 19 h and 22 h / Sunday: 17 h and 20 h – Escenario Puerta del Angel – Calle Herradura, 3 – 14-20€

Barbie. Más allá de la muñeca – until May 2 – Monday to Sunday: 11-20 h / Wednesday: 11-15 h – Fundación Canal – calle Mateo Inurria, 2 – free entry

Mercadillo del Gato – from 16 to 19 March – 11-21 h – The Westin Palace – Plaza Cortes, 7 – free entry

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