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Past and future trends find themselves at home in Madrid’s calendar. Here, you can travel back in time in style. This week we welcome Donovan, who will revive the old spirit of the nineteen sixties close to your Flat Sweet Home Malasaña Apartment. He recalls his legendary album Sunshine Superman on the 50th anniversary of its release. This icon of British psychedelia will transport you to a time when it was possible to change the world with a verse.

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In Madrid’s calendar, there are always nods to magical, unexpected places. The city heightens any artistic experience, such as the exquisite exhibition by Chema Madoz. This incredible artist has traveled to the depths of Asturias, a lovely mountain landscape loaded with history. Here, Madoz captures their traditions and customs without relying on conventions. His transcendental work creates a unique intimacy with the audience.

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Walking around Madrid in late November is a blessing that will let you discover its fascinating street culture and its colossal architecture. However, the city is also open to exploring other cultures beyond its fascinating history. For this reason, we suggest a look at the best of Indian culture in The Apu Trilogy at the magical Círculo de Bellas Artes (calle Alcalá, 42). Just like the character from The Simpsons, these three films show you the most sympathetic, dramatic face of daily life fascinating India. Its colorful, lively landscapes, will stay with you on your way back to your Flat Sweet Home Gran Vía Apartment.

District Culture

You can take an even closer look at Indian culture in the steep streets of the multicultural district of Lavapies. And afterward, immerse yourself in La Cocina, a play by the great Sergio Peris Mencheta at the avant-garde teatro Valle – Inclán (Valencia Street, 1). His libretto transforms the original story by Arnold Wesker into a choral symphony where dance tells the story of a restaurant. A fusion of arts and cultures that will keep resounding in your mind when you reach your cozy Flat Sweet Home Prado Apartment.


The districts of Madrid are pure art, and you can see it especially on your nightly walks by the sleepless city center. If you would like to see for yourself how culture transformed Madrid’s districts, we recommend the exhibition Casa-Estudio-Calle-Barrio, a fascinating artistic interpretation that shows how the interaction between the environment and artists such as Tamara Arroyo, Juan Ugalde or Andrea Cenepa generates a catharsis worth admiring. Art lives in the streets, and until January 29 it will also live on the walls of CentroCentro. This exhibition is the perfect excuse to visit the impressive Palacio de Correos on Plaza de Cibeles.

Local culture and international sound

Beyond painting, there is a world in motion that many filmmakers try to capture in this city. For this reason, Madrid offers you several great samples of Spanish short films at Notodofilmfest. These short films cover deep, meaningful subjects that examine the grounds of our existence, and they will be available to you at the Cineteca: a place to enjoy interesting films within the refinement of Matadero on Plaza Legazpi, a cultural space that you cannot miss.

There are many excellent options for a soundtrack to your visit to the city, but the most electrifying are Ocean Colour Scene. The band from Birmingham transformed pop with their album Moseley Shoals 20 years ago; the perfect round figure to honor a whole era at the Riviera on November 30.


Near La Riviera, the popular Madrid nightclub, the Matadero will host a new edition of the Farmers’ market on 26 and 27 November. This gastronomic proposal brings you the tastiest Madrid products made with loving care by local producers, a flavorful farewell to a week where the city shows you its charms beyond your Flat Sweet Home Madrid.

Find out more about the FLAT SWEET HOME events and show schedule

The Apu Trilogy – until December 2 – Wednesday to Sunday – 16-20 h Círculo de Bellas Artes – calle Alcalá, 42 – tickets: 5.5€ / three-film pass: 3.6€

La Cocina – December 30 – from Tuesday to Sunday – Tuesday to Saturday: 20.30 h / Sunday: 19.30 h Teatro Valle-Inclán – calle de Valencia, 1, 6-25€.

Casa – Estudio – Calle – Barrio – from December 30 to January 29 – Tuesday to Sunday – 10-20 h – CentroCentro – Plaza de Cibeles, 1 – free

Notodofilmfest – 29 November – 20.30 h – sala Azcona. Matadero – Plaza de Legazpi, 4 – €3.5

Ocean Colour Scene – 30 November – 21.00 h – Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto s/n – €28

Madrid Productores – November 26 and 27 – 10-22 h – Plaza del Matadero – free access

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Madrid’s unique charm makes us want to walk its streets again and again. Surely, the city has something special, linked to a past full of art and passion for life; it’s the same duende (mysterious charm) that haunts us in flamenco. Following this tradition, on December 1, the Concha Jareno flamenco company explores the art of music through the spectacular show El Baúl de Los Flamencos, which blends flamenco and fashion at La Abadía theater (calle Fernández de Los Ríos, 42). The dancing and music will entice you as much as the tour around the trends and styles that have made this traditional lifestyle universal. Seldom will you see the clothes and the art as related and so close to your home, your classic Flat Sweet Home Alonso Martinez.

A day later, on December 2, you’ll have another appointment at the Teatros del Canal (Cea Bermudez, 1) with the most genuine flamenco at Israel Galvan‘s latest show, La Edad de Oro. This revolutionary performer has bared his show leaving the dancer alone with the unique sound of flamenco singing, which is simultaneously transgressive and traditional. It’s a unique opportunity to see a show that has captivated several countries during this great choreographer’s tour. 


The Asturian singer Tino Casal is another Spanish music talent. He’s transformed the movida madrileña into a golden age of glamor through his music, influenced by David Bowie and his impossibly glam outfits. Until February 19, over 200 collector items show the artist’s trajectory and style at the Museo del Traje (Avenida Juan of Herrera, 2). Also, works by McManamara and Costus will spice up this nostalgic exhibition commemorating the 25th anniversary of Casal’s death.

Another forward-thinking artist like Tino Casal is the irresistible Canadian artist Peaches, our undisputed music proposal this week. Since the late nineties, she has been showing her aesthetic and rhythms with a crazy mix of rock, punk, and electronic music. Her music is an adrenaline shot with gender awareness that will flood the Barceló theater (calle Barcelo, 11), only a few meters from your cozy Flat Sweet Home Malasaña Apartment.

As visually striking as Peaches is the play Tartuffe, The Impostor, a classic by Moliere with a captivating avant-garde aesthetic. Its stanzas about ambition and human hypocrisy go along with a mise-en-scene that’ll make you fall in you with Madrid from your seat at theater Fernan Gomez, at Plaza of Colon.


To finish our weekly tour of this city full of dreams fulfilled, we recommend an immersion in the art of Jose of Ribera. Known as The Spagnoletto, he was always in the shadow of Velazquez or Rafael, but his talent remains and marks him as one of the most talented painters in art history. The Museo del Prado (Paseo of the Prado s/n) pays an honest tribute to him in an exhibition about the man behind the painter. It’s an opportunity to stroll through the jewels of the Prado, the best art gallery in the world, and let Ribera‘s work seduce you. You won’t be nostalgic when you arrive in your Flat Sweet Home Serrano Apartment, with and elaborate decoration that’ll help you enjoy the rest of your day.

Find out more about the Flat Sweet Home schedule of shows and events 

El baúl de los flamencos – December 1 – 19.30h – La Abadía theatre– calle Fernández de los Ríos, 42 – 20€

La edad de oro – December 2-4 – 20h – Teatros del Canal – Cea Bermúdez, 1 – 10-24€

Tino Casal, el arte por exceso – until February 19 – Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30 – 19 h / Sunday and public holidays: 10-15 h – Museo del traje – Avenida Juan de Herrera, 2 – €3

Peaches – December 2 -21.00 h – Barceló Theatre – Calle Barceló 11 – 28€

Tartufo, el impostor – until December 11 – Tuesday-Saturday: 20.30 h / Sunday: 19.30 h – Fernán Gómez Theatre – Plaza de Colón, 4 – from 12€

Ribera, maestro del dibujo – until February 19 – Monday to Saturday: 10-20 h / Sunday: 10-19 h – Museo del Prado – Paseo del Prado s/n – €16




The many markets that garnish Madrid give a perfect taste of the city’s unique lifestyle and its most recognizable flavors. They are meeting points that evolved from the traditional, premium quality neighborhood markets to become temples of the newest gastronomic trends. These charming markets let you experience a broad range of flavors, or you can take them with you savor them in your Flat Sweet Home. Continue Reading

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AGENDA | FLAT SWEET HOME MADRID | October 27 to November 2

Spending the Halloween week in Madrid can be a unique experience. Fear not, the spirits of the bewitching night are pure art in this city, as myths become music and poetry. That’s the case with Don Juan. The character created by Zorrilla keeps breaking hearts in his path, and his verses have turned into a musical that promises to be pure emotion, as the story of the rivalry between Tenorio and Luis Mejía moves along. With a brilliant choreography by Antonio Calvo, both will compete for the love of Ana de Pantoja in the Teatro Philips de la Luz (Gran Vía, 66). The Gran Via you will escort you to your Flat Sweet Home Gran Vía. Continue Reading

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Autumn sets in Madrid to the rhythm of exciting concerts, iconic exhibitions, and charming terraces that witness every idyllic sunset. But before that, let’s seize the moment and discover the talent of Robert Doisneau, the Parisian photographer who went down in history for a stolen kiss, at the Fundación Canal (calle Mateo Inurria, 2). This exhibition showcases the man behind the camera; an enduring myth that comes alive very close to your elegant Flat Sweet Home High Serrano.   Continue Reading

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Madrid begins this October with a lively social life that’ll make you get out of your comfortable Flat Sweet Home apartment to experience new horizons in leisure.  For instance, trendy music will flood the city at the most authentic festival in Madrid. In different venues around the city, Villamanuela unfolds the electronic talent of Death in Vegas, the elegance of John Grvy, the mythical Kraut Rock, Faust, and an endless array of good music, activities for foodies, and shopping tours. Continue Reading

Things to do

AGENDA | FLAT SWEET HOME MADRID | September 29 to october 5

October comes with its veil of leaves and a desire for enchanted evenings, like those you’ll enjoy at The Hole. This magical show returns to Madrid right in the fall with its Zero version. Its blend of cabaret and discotheque based on Studio 54 will fill the Calderón Theater (Atocha, 18) with a colorful music and a show never-before-seen in Spain, capable of turning a regular night into an unforgettable evening. This time, it’s time for disco music. Your legs will still be moving to its rhythm after you’ve arrived at your Flat Sweet Home Prado, located very close to this unique show. Continue Reading



La Latina is Madrid’s epicenter, a lively neighborhood full of history, gastronomy, and nightlife. It’s the ideal place to get lost in after enjoying the lovely views from your Flat Sweet Home Plaza Mayor or relaxing at your Flat Sweet Home Mercado de San Miguel, both very close to La Latina. In this neighborhood, locals show off their most authentic, refined version, and they let themselves get carried away by the area’s unique traits. Continue Reading