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Chagall: Divine and Human

The Fundación Canal presents the exhibition Chagall: divine and human. A unique opportunity to see the work of one of the most important painters and graphic artists of the twentieth century, considered the master color Modern Art.

This exhibition, which runs almost four decades of his artistic activity, includes a total of 100 works on paper from the funds of Marc Chagall Collection C. S. Paris Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster (Germany), reflecting the intense and surprising connection between the sacred and the profane in the chagaliana work. Both concepts together to become a single entity in the artistic universe of Chagall: the divine expands to human and human to the divine coming to live in the same space as a result of his artistic vision: a synthesis of personal experience, myth and religion.

The pieces selected for the exhibition include all the techniques used by Chagall for his graphic work. Etched recordings, woodcuts and lithographs illustrate the fundamental role of printmaking in creating Chagall. He is credited to them a place of honor in relevant production, either in terms of quantity and quality.
Flat Sweet Home recommends this exhibition at Canal Isabel II, until 10 April.

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