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Autumn sets in Madrid to the rhythm of exciting concerts, iconic exhibitions, and charming terraces that witness every idyllic sunset. But before that, let’s seize the moment and discover the talent of Robert Doisneau, the Parisian photographer who went down in history for a stolen kiss, at the Fundación Canal (calle Mateo Inurria, 2). This exhibition showcases the man behind the camera; an enduring myth that comes alive very close to your elegant Flat Sweet Home High Serrano.   Continue Reading

Things to do


Madrid begins this October with a lively social life that’ll make you get out of your comfortable Flat Sweet Home apartment to experience new horizons in leisure.  For instance, trendy music will flood the city at the most authentic festival in Madrid. In different venues around the city, Villamanuela unfolds the electronic talent of Death in Vegas, the elegance of John Grvy, the mythical Kraut Rock, Faust, and an endless array of good music, activities for foodies, and shopping tours. Continue Reading

Things to do

Ellas Crean Festival

Ellas Crean, the most important festival of art and female creation, celebrates its 12th anniversary with more than 100 proposals of cinema, music, literature, art and, most especially for the second consecutive year, theater and dance, with several premieres for the occasion. The theater program will have 5 premieres and dance will bring two new choreographies, one world premiere and one in Spain. The music of the Iranian singer Mahsa Vadat and Israeli singer Sivan Talmor also sound for the first time in Spain, as well as the Saharawi singer Aziza Brahim posing in Ellas Crean his new album, Hamada Abbar.
In literature they will be presented to the public the new novels Monika Zgustova and Gordana Kuiç and poetry will reveal the forgotten voices of the best Spanish poets of the twentieth century, while the film will bring a documentary premiere and the projection premiere of two Iranian films recent production, among many other proposals of these disciplines. Until April 12th in Conde Duque.

Things to do

Kandinsky. A retrospective.

About to celebrate 150 years since the birth of this great artist, CentroCentro offers a retrospective, through 100 pieces runs the entire career of this master of abstract art. The exhibition runs through key periods of the life of Kandinsky, from the early years in Germany, through his years in Russia and ending with their stay in France, through fundamental works as Alte Stadt II (old town II, 1902), Mühle, Im Grau (in grey, 1919), Holland (mill, Netherlands, 1904), Gelb-Rot-Blau (yellow-red – blue, 1925) and Entassement règle (colorful set 1938). Until February 28th 2016 Flat Sweet Home recommends



Both a traditional and hipster city, you can’t leave Madrid without enjoying at least one entire day in this neighbourhood. Google is never wrong ─ If you search “coolest neighbourhoods in Madrid”, Malasaña will come up in most links. Actually, if you expand the search worldwide, the Madrilenian neighbourhood will still show up in the first positions. It’s got to be for a reason, right? Continue Reading

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El Crédito, una tragicomedia muy real

Dos grandes de las tablas como Carlos Hipólito y Luis Merlo, se ponen en la piel de un director de banco y un cliente que viene a solicitar un crédito sin más aval que su palabra de que lo devolverá. Os suena de algo?

Algunos trabajos nos permiten pasar asépticamente de largo frente a los problemas de la sociedad, pero otros, como ser director de una entidad bancaria, no. “Y es que hasta ahora, en nuestro civilizado mundo, cuando alguien necesitaba dinero iba al banco y pedía un crédito. La mayor parte de las veces tú se lo concedías, pero si no era así, callaban y volvían para su casa, cabizbajos, conformados, pensando que las cosas iban muy mal, que el crédito no fuía y te dejaban en paz. Hoy ya no puedes confiarte…”  Tragicomedia que lleva tres temporadas de éxito tanto de la crítica como del público en el Teatro Maravillas. Flat Sweet Home recomienda

Things to do

Jazz, jazz, jazz

Until January 24, in the Madrid Circle of Fine Arts, we can enjoy this wonderful exhibition where the most famous jazz figures (Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, etc.) look at us from the black and white photographs and leave us enter the atmosphere of smoke and blues of the golden age of jazz. Flat Sweet Home recommends

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Upfront. War photojournalists.


A group exhibition that brings together the work of 23 Spanish and Latin American war photographers, who share over time, not only times of danger but above all a questioning look. It is not easy to see, but is a must. At Conde Duque until January 31th 2016. Flat Sweet Home recommends

Things to do

Rigoletto, puro Verdi en el Teatro Real

Hasta el 29 de diciembre, los amantes de la ópera podrán disfrutar en el Teatro Real, de esta magnífica ópera de Verdi, con la que el compositor comenzó una etapa de estilo más libre. Estrenada en La Fenice de Venecia, la puesta en escena actual busca mostrarnos cuán bajo puede caer un ser humano movido por el miedo. Flat Sweet Home recomienda