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Past and future trends find themselves at home in Madrid’s calendar. Here, you can travel back in time in style. This week we welcome Donovan, who will revive the old spirit of the nineteen sixties close to your Flat Sweet Home Malasaña Apartment. He recalls his legendary album Sunshine Superman on the 50th anniversary of its release. This icon of British psychedelia will transport you to a time when it was possible to change the world with a verse.

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Things to do


Madrid’s sophisticated side makes it a hidden gem waiting to be discovered on every street. It is a gemstone as rare as Bulgari’s, who’s presenting some of its best pieces in the glamorous exhibition Bulgari y Roma at the Museo Thyssen (Paseo del Prado, 8).

This event reviews the iconic brand’s trajectory through 145 spectacular pieces worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Magnani or Baroness Thyssen. And as a backdrop of such treasures, the city of Rome: a source of inspiration for Bulgari. Evidently, classical art has had a significant influence on the design of its most emblematic jewelry, which is apparent in the paintings from the Vatican Museum, from private collections or the Museum of Rome. The exhibition Bulgari y Roma will take us to a world of luxury but accessible from the cozy Flat Sweet Home Prado Apartment nearby.

Far from the jet set represented by Bulgari is ClimaX, a play that reviews existential questions like loneliness or heartbreak with a touch of humor. This comedy, at the teatro Alfil (calle Pez, 10), is a tribute to life and its pleasures, and it’s only a few steps away from your Flat Sweet Home Malasaña.

And speaking of plays, 666 is another plea full of life. This work by the prestigious group Yllana, also on the stage of the teatro Alfil, uses dark humor to depict the last days of a man on death row. Far from being a drama, this comedy will make you cry with laughter with its hilarious display of lust for life.


In the music department, the Murcia band Neuman plays some of the most enigmatic music, and its four records are a tribute to the most elegant and talented sounds in the Spanish rock scene. Enjoy the perfect soundtrack for your visit to Madrid, as Paco Roman’s voice wraps you with lyrics full of illusions and delusions. Watch this band take over with good music Joy Eslava (Calle Arenal, 11) on December 15, a few steps from your bright Flat Sweet Home Calle Mayor Apartment. 

If you’re more into shopping, you’ll find the most exclusive and less conventional gifts at the Circulo de Bellas Artes (calle Alcalá, 42) on December 17 and 18. Here, you’ll find the city’s most refined style at the Mercado de Diseño X-mas Fun, where some of the best local designers will show us a glimpse of the fashion of tomorrow. Brands like David Delfin, Moderna de Pueblo, El Chico Llama, Beatnik Shoes, Aventuras literarias, along with another 100 couturiers will take your Christmas shopping cart to the next level.


Furthermore, on Saturday 17, from 11 p.m., the market opens its doors to the best local electronic music with Cora Novoa and other DJs. There can’t be a better finishing touch to a most suggestive weekend. Madrid is getting ready for Christmas by making sure you have the best time from the moment you arrive at your elegant and comfortable Flat Sweet Home.   

Find out more about the FLAT SWEET HOME MADRID schedule of shows and events

Bulgari and Roma – until February 26 – Tuesday to Sunday: 10-19 h / Monday: 10-16 h – Museo ThyssenPaseo del Prado, 8-12€

ClimaX – December 17 nd 30 – 22.30 h – Teatro Alfilcalle Pez, 10 – 16€

666 – December 17 – 20 h – Teatro Alfilcalle Pez, 10 – €26

Neuman – December 15 – 20 h – Joy Eslavacalle Arenal, 11- 16-21€

Mercado de Diseño X-Fun – December 17-18 – 11-20 h / Party: 23-03 h- Círculo de Bellas Artescalle Alcalá, 42 – 3€ with consumption

Things to do

AGENDA | FLAT SWEET HOME MADRID | September 29 to october 5

October comes with its veil of leaves and a desire for enchanted evenings, like those you’ll enjoy at The Hole. This magical show returns to Madrid right in the fall with its Zero version. Its blend of cabaret and discotheque based on Studio 54 will fill the Calderón Theater (Atocha, 18) with a colorful music and a show never-before-seen in Spain, capable of turning a regular night into an unforgettable evening. This time, it’s time for disco music. Your legs will still be moving to its rhythm after you’ve arrived at your Flat Sweet Home Prado, located very close to this unique show. Continue Reading

Things to do


August is a great month to enjoy a city like Madrid. Its cultural program doesn’t slow down, even though its streets look empty when many locals leave for the holidays. This season is the perfect moment to get lost in the many leisure options that Madrid has to offer outside your Flat Sweet Home. To begin this city tour, we recommend a walk through the clouds at the spectacular SkyNight restaurant (Avenida de América, 49)designed by the architect Jean Nouvelwhich hosts the 43 Live The Roof festival on August 7. Its futuristic rooftop will host an intimate concert by Anni B. Sweet; her angelic voice combines American folk with the sound of Spanish music.


The exhibition Terror at the laboratory (Terror en el laboratorio) at Fundación Telefónica (c / Fuencarral, 3) is one of the must-see events this summer in Madrid, and it’s at walking distance if you stay in our Flat Sweet Home Gran Vía. In this entertaining exhibition, you can celebrate the meeting between Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Mary Shelly, who established the trope of the creatures created by an ambitious scientist. It was the starting point for the characters of The Island of Dr. Moreau, Frankenstein and The Vampire. At the Telefónica headquarters, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this trope’s major adaptations to film and literature. Not far from there, you can walk around the Old Madrid and visit the Palacio Real (calle Bailen, s / n) to admire the 100 key artworks to know the Seicento, the Italian seventeenth century. Baroque paintings by Caravaggio, Ribera, Bernini and Gentileschi will amaze you before it’s time to return to your centric Flat Sweet Home San Miguel Market and plan a nightly tapas route near Plaza Mayor and La Latina.

Madrid stands out for having a spectacular theatrical agenda throughout the year, and August is not the exception. The Teatro Alfil (c / Pez, 10), located right in the trendy neighborhood of Malasaña, is preparing a hilarious, acid play called Chefs. The play shows the peculiar world of gastronomy with a comical (as much as critical) script. Also, a visit to the Caixa Fórum (Paseo Prado, 36) is essential. The show The Weight of a Gesture (El peso de un gesto) is waiting for you in this avant-garde exhibition center. This exhibition analyzes the importance of the concept of art through pieces created by Juliao Sarmiento, and based on the collective imagination built from films, literature and architecture. These are only some of the many options available to you in your Madrid adventure, that begins in your cozy Flat Sweet Home.


Here’s the FLAT SWEET HOME schedule for events and shows in Madrid:

43 Live The Roof – Anni B. Sweet – Skynight Door America – Avenida De America, 49 – (August 7 – 8 pm)

Terror en el laboratorio – Fundación Telefónica – C / Fuencarral, 3 (Until October 16 – open from 10h to 20h) – FREE

De Caravaggio A Bernini: Obras Maestras Del Seicento – Palacio Real – (calle Bailen, S / N) – (Monday through Sunday until October 16 – open from 10h to 20h – € 11 + Palace access)

Chefs – Teatro Alfil – C / Pez, 10 – (Thursday through Sundays until August 12 – Sunday 18h, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 20h – 12 €)

El Peso Del Gesto – CaixaForum – Paseo Prado, 36 – (Monday to Sunday from 10h to 20h – 4 €)

Things to do

La Phármaco in De Otoño a Primavera Festival

La Phármaco, one of the most promising formations of contemporary dance in our country, with dancer and choreographer Luz Arcas forward, landing in March at the Sala Negra of the Teatros del Canal to present Kaspar Hauser. Orphan Europe, a physical show dialoguing with history to reflect our age dancing as training itself states, “the poetic and wild nature of humanity”.

On May 26, 1828 a young stranger who could barely stand appeared as from nowhere in a square in Nuremberg. The boy, who just carried an anonymous letter with some conflicting data on its origin, was welcomed immediately in the city and throughout the country, as a social, political and philosophical experiment. At six weeks he spoke with some fluency and could read and write. It was learned by himself who had lived in a dungeon and, so far being found, he had never seen any human being.

The leader of la Phármaco company explains his creation “in the dance of Kaspar Hauser, the engine movement is always tragic: imagine the peculiarity of their textures, born of an extreme hypersensitivity, a physical reaction, anatomical, against the real (Kaspar not bear the light, I could see in the dark, he perceived the magnetic force of metals, animals and people and hurt most aromas, sounds and tastes). ”

But Kaspar Hauser embodies the natural conflict with “the other”, is dancing the relentless violence of the world with the unspoiled nature of “the orphan of Europe”, as they called the media of his time. The premiere of Kaspar Hauser, the orphan of Europe, will take place in the Sala Negra of the Teatros del Canal in March, under the XXXIII Festival De Otoño a Primavera.

Flat Sweet Home recommends this show at the Teatros del Canal from 22 to 25 March.



Madrid has no beaches, of course. However, it does have the best calamari sandwich (bocata calamares) in the country! It would be a sin to leave the capital without trying it. So, if you want to be in the know about local culinary taste, we recommend you 5 places where you can enjoy this simple but tasty dish (always together with a beer). Continue Reading

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We love Priscilla!

Priscilla is not a woman, it’s a bus! Who can forget the adventures of three friends artists who travel the Australian desert aboard a rickety bus, which names the musical-van while representing her show Drag. This fascinating musical offers more than 40 artists on stage, 500 stunning costumes, 200 wigs and delusional real bus on stage.

The audience will enjoy greatest hits of disco, from Tina Turner to Madonna, we can say that this music is the soundtrack is the most danced in all of history. It is a continuous parade of songs and choreography that make the musical “feelgood” par excellence.

This musical will fascinate the public until the end of February at the Theatre Alcalá.  Flat Sweet Home recomienda

Things to do

Cabaret en Madrid

Cabaret es una de las obras maestras de Broadway,  adaptación de Harold Prince, el director y productor teatral más premiado de Broadway, con 21 Tony Award en su haber. Sigue cosechando aplausos 49 años después de su estreno en Nueva York. La trama se sitúa en Berlín, en 1931.

El inquietante maestro de ceremonias Emcee, regenta el Kit Kat Club, un local decadente donde una cantante, Sally, conoce a un escritor estadounidense que viaja a Alemania en busca de inspiración.  Ellos y otros personajes intentan mantener una cotidianidad normal, con amores, desamores y humor, en pleno auge del nazismo. Este montaje, dirigido por Jaime Azpilicueta y protagonizado por Cristina Castaño, Dani Muriel y un incomparable Edu Soto, es una apuesta más que segura para las noches de este invierno. Muchos de sus temas ya forman parte del imaginario colectivo en musicales: Willkommen, Cabaret, Two Ladies o The Money Song. Ha convencido a la crítica y a la taquilla.

Podéis disfrutar de él hasta el 28 de febrero en el Teatro Rialto. Flat Sweet Home recomienda



An emblem of the local gastronomy, this humble dish can be enjoyed in the best restaurants in Madrid. You will discover it here! Madrid hoards 23 Michelin starts, hundreds of luxury restaurants, dozens of centennial establishments, wonderful fusion kitchens and gastronomic options for every taste and budget. However, we can’t say we know the capital if we haven’t tried a real “Cocido Madrileño” at least once. Continue Reading



The most fashionable neighbourhood in town offers endless options for luxury, gastronomy and nightlife. If style was contagious, just one day in the Salamanca neighbourhood would suddenly make everyone more elegant. Sadly, this is not the case, but if we pay attention we might find we’ve caught some of it symptoms at the end of the day. Continue Reading