An emblem of the local gastronomy, this humble dish can be enjoyed in the best restaurants in Madrid. You will discover it here! Madrid hoards 23 Michelin starts, hundreds of luxury restaurants, dozens of centennial establishments, wonderful fusion kitchens and gastronomic options for every taste and budget. However, we can’t say we know the capital if we haven’t tried a real “Cocido Madrileño” at least once.

The most traditional dish in the city traces its roots to the Middle Ages, when convert Jews modified their Adafina (a chickpeas and lamb stew) recipe to include bacon and sausages to prove the Inquisition their total commitment to Christianity.

Like most typical recipes in the world, the stew was originally eaten by the lower class, until its popularity rose and inns and restaurants in the city began to serve it as well.

Nowadays we can enjoy a good stew in many places in Madrid. Three of the best restaurants that serve it are La Bola, Lhardy and La Daniela.

Once the visitor has tried it, she will share the feeling in this ballad: since I was little I learned to look at you with tenderness, for you are pure glory, oh Cocido Madrileño!

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