Madrid has no beaches, of course. However, it does have the best calamari sandwich (bocata calamares) in the country! It would be a sin to leave the capital without trying it. So, if you want to be in the know about local culinary taste, we recommend you 5 places where you can enjoy this simple but tasty dish (always together with a beer).

1.- Cervecería Plaza Mayor. They claim the calamari comes directly from the Catabrian Sea, and it must be true, because they have been serving them with great success for 40 years. Plaza Mayor 2.

2.- La Campana. This venue is far from glamorous, but it specializes in calamari sandwiches since 1870. The lines outside this establishment get long sometimes, so it looks like it’s worth giving it a try. Botoneras 6.

3.- Liana 1962. Right in el Madrid de los Austrias, and very close from Plaza Mayor, you can find this emblematic venue. The ‘bocata calamares‘ is one of its specialties, and it also has a menu. Gerona 14

4.- Casa María. Even though its menu offers a wide range of dishes, sandwiches are amongst its client’s favourites. You can imagine which sandwich came in first place! Plaza Mayor 23

5.- Sergi Arola. Just because a chef has 2 Michelin stars, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to make a sandwich. In fact, Arola is a big fan of them, and his ‘bocata calamares’ are to die for!

These are only 5 venues, but Madrid has plenty of other bars where you can taste this fantastic dish. Shall we rate them? Leave us your comments! 🙂

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