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The Night of Theatre

This April 1th Madrid dresses up to celebrate The Night of Theatre. This year the event reaches its ninth edition coinciding with the commemoration of the fourth centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, as well as the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ramon Maria del Valle Inclan, three parents of world drama that will honorees.

The program includes dramatized readings, programming of dance, music and puppet shows for younger, actions that are mostly free. The start will take place at the Real Casa de Correos, where the opening speech opening will be held at 17: 30h., Written by Alfredo Sanzol and read by Carmen Conesa.

The Real Casa de Correos will also be the scene of the adventures of Don Quixote, at 18 h, a free show about 50 minutes aimed at all audiences from age 3, where actor-puppeteers, musicians, dolls, figures, recycled objects and toys make up the different adventures in which will be involved the ‘ingenious hidalgo’.

Other participants spaces will be the Headquarters Office of Culture and Tourism, Casa Lope Museo de Vega, the Pilar Miró Cultural Centre, the Real Coliseo Carlos III, the Convent of the Trinitarias Descalzas, the Teatro de la Abadía, and other theatres in the city .

From Flat Sweet Home we want to recommend that you do not miss this special night dedicated to the tables! Here is the schedule.

Things to do

La Phármaco in De Otoño a Primavera Festival

La Phármaco, one of the most promising formations of contemporary dance in our country, with dancer and choreographer Luz Arcas forward, landing in March at the Sala Negra of the Teatros del Canal to present Kaspar Hauser. Orphan Europe, a physical show dialoguing with history to reflect our age dancing as training itself states, “the poetic and wild nature of humanity”.

On May 26, 1828 a young stranger who could barely stand appeared as from nowhere in a square in Nuremberg. The boy, who just carried an anonymous letter with some conflicting data on its origin, was welcomed immediately in the city and throughout the country, as a social, political and philosophical experiment. At six weeks he spoke with some fluency and could read and write. It was learned by himself who had lived in a dungeon and, so far being found, he had never seen any human being.

The leader of la Phármaco company explains his creation “in the dance of Kaspar Hauser, the engine movement is always tragic: imagine the peculiarity of their textures, born of an extreme hypersensitivity, a physical reaction, anatomical, against the real (Kaspar not bear the light, I could see in the dark, he perceived the magnetic force of metals, animals and people and hurt most aromas, sounds and tastes). ”

But Kaspar Hauser embodies the natural conflict with “the other”, is dancing the relentless violence of the world with the unspoiled nature of “the orphan of Europe”, as they called the media of his time. The premiere of Kaspar Hauser, the orphan of Europe, will take place in the Sala Negra of the Teatros del Canal in March, under the XXXIII Festival De Otoño a Primavera.

Flat Sweet Home recommends this show at the Teatros del Canal from 22 to 25 March.