The many markets that garnish Madrid give a perfect taste of the city’s unique lifestyle and its most recognizable flavors. They are meeting points that evolved from the traditional, premium quality neighborhood markets to become temples of the newest gastronomic trends. These charming markets let you experience a broad range of flavors, or you can take them with you savor them in your Flat Sweet Home.

Malasaña and its new markets

It all begins in the warm comfort of your Flat Sweet Home Malasaña. The recent opening of several markets has added more style and comfort to the shopping experience and the kitchens of this central area of Madrid. The Barcelo Market is a futuristic project designed in contrast to the city’s classic architecture. Inside you can find all kinds of foodie shops like Entre col y col (an organic greengrocer), La Jamonería, and the Red Velvet cake shop.


The oasis on Barcelo market’s rooftop offers lovely views of the square where the building is located and the busy lifestyle around it. At chef Javier Muñoz-Calero‘s kitchen, the only option is healthy cuisine. You can’t miss the tuna tartare or the spectacular bluefin tuna tataki. His menu is garnished with smoothies, juices, and cocktails to warm you up to a fantastic night in Malasaña.

A few meters away is the San Jerónimo y Santa Bárbara Gallery, a colorful catalog with proposals for vintage fashion, cosmopolitan styles, and avant-garde trends. The district is already familiar with daring, creative brands like Mona de Rama, Doktor Market or Japanese Vintage & More. And the perfect complement to a day of shopping is the trendy San Ildefonso gastronomic market, very close nearby. In this market, you’ll find three bars and fifteen samples of truly authentic street food. You can also enjoy more premium, urban cuisine with pizzas, hamburgers, croquettes, ceviche, smoked or some juicy steaks; seasoned with the best wines and Vermouth in the neighborhood.


Malasaña complements its markets with a concept-store, a place to discover the latest trends in interior design, cooking or art, to watch a movie in your cinema-bar, or to explore the district’s rooftops from its flat roof. We’re talking about El Paracaidista, where buying becomes a whole new experience. Also, the unique Caribbean flavor is present at Cubanismo, a place to enjoy great Cuban cocktails. The rooftop gives you a hint of the East with the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy a lovely sunset with views to Malasaña while having a delicious pizza, Asian-style pull pork or bluefin tuna.

Classic renewed

Some time ago, Madrid began to renovate the city’s markets and merge their traditional side with a modern foodie spirit. One of the pioneers in this revival has been San Miguel market, very close to your Flat Sweet Home Plaza Mayor. A large variety of gourmet flavors take over the market: from caviar to Iberian ham to the best meats in Raza Nostra, the freshest fish in El Señor Martin, the sweets from the San Onofre ovens, and even a tablao named Cardamomo, where you can enjoy the art of flamenco.

In the trendy district of Chueca, the San Antón market is another benchmark in culinary markets. This traditional venue has been a referent in the area since 1945, and it’s become a meeting point in the city after its renovation. In its many stalls, you can find unique varieties of sushi, Asturian cachopo, delicious burgers, and fresh fish. You can choose to bring them with you to your Flat Sweet Home Fuencarral, at walking distance, or you can taste them in any of the two market’s rooftops with views to die for. The varied, top-quality menu will leave you marveled. There are many options to choose from around Antón market: for instance, a combination of Jamón Ibérico 5J, Focaccia Pomodoro e Burratina, a tataki of presa ibérica (a pork steak specialty) with couscous and wine candy for sharing.


This new trend is not unique to the center of Madrid. At the authentic Chamberí district, the two primary markets have managed to merge the traditional with the latest trends. In Vallehermoso market, this new, inclusive concept becomes evident. At the stands of local producers you can find Oriental street food delights at Tuk Tuk, the best craft beer at La Virgen, the avant-garde cuisine of Kitchen 154 or Carne de Miraflores (Madrid) meat macerated in a special chamber at Cuerda Larga‘s corner. Moreover, the Chamberí market has created Chisperia, a large space dedicated to international cuisine. Dishes like the Chambi sandwiches, a passport to the delicious Peruvian food, truly stand out there. Next to it, you can find delights of all kinds: from La Valona‘s Mexico-Spanish fusion to El Rincón de Lupe‘s Spanish cuisine to delicious seafood recipes at El Loco Antonelli.

The classics never disappear

In some places, time seems to stand still. One of these locations is El Mercado de las Maravillas at Bravo Murillo, 122, which still stands out for its size and the authentic multicultural experience it brings. There, you will find the best meat with Protected Designation Origin, fresh fish from the Cantabrian Sea, Latino products, and the best fruit suppliers. It’s an unforgettable experience that ends at your table. Another traditional market stands at the Plaza de Los Mostenses, near Gran Vía, since 1946. It has always been prominent in its exoticism and the mix of culinary cultures within it. This is a great bazaar and a perfect place to buy spices and products from all over the world.



Another classic is the Tirso de Molina market, located in the Latina district across the Manzanares river towards the area near Puerta de Ángel. Its beautiful brick building conceals one of the few examples of Republican-era architecture remaining in Madrid. Since 1932, it’s been an essential place to find the various ingredients that season Spanish gastronomy, making it one of the most visited markets in the city. In this district full of emblematic places also lies the cosmopolitan Mercado de la Cebada, built in the 1950s, which keeps the aroma of times past.

In the multicultural Lavapies district, the beautiful façade of the San Fernando market stands out. This isn’t just a place to get food, taste sophisticated dishes or find antique furniture; you can also satisfy your cultural needs with beautiful, well-stocked libraries. The La Paz market is only a few meters from your Flat Sweet Home Velazquez Apartment is located an essential market in the city, built in 1879. It’s home to small culinary treasures like Matteo Cucina Italiana’s traditional Italian cuisine, a traditional deli with the authentic Casa Dani, famous for its callos a la madrileña and its renowned menus in an attractive area within the market.

As you approach the last stop in this exceptional tour around Madrid‘s markets, there’s nothing better than finishing with style. Platea, an old theater converted into a gastronomic market, is a space designed to please the senses. It is a luxurious space, considered the largest center of culinary leisure in Europe. Over 6,000 square meters distributed in four plants where the best cocktails coexist with internationally acclaimed (including Michelin stars and Sol Awards) kitchens.



In the theater pit, you can visit each stand and select created an a la carte menu from different restaurants to please your culinary desires. On the main floor, you can drink the best Vermouth and wines with gourmet tapas and the best hams in Spain. Enjoy chef Ramón Freixa’s rich, casual food at the mezzanine as a preview to the cocktails you can enjoy at Platea’s terrace. For those with a sweet tooth, the boulangerie awaits them at the prestigious Mamá Framboise’s tea house.

Madrid markets have been referents of the city for centuries. Today, they present an updated concept and offer a nice, highly recommended route through the flavors of the city that we have compiled for you.

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